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Small Changes. Huge Impact.

Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale Distribution is one of the services Keshmara Designs is best known for. For an impressive collection of Moroccan items that make an impression, contact Keshmara Designs to find out what they can bring to your project.

Our collection includes unique Moroccan ceramics, tableware, silverware, tables, vases, rugs, textiles, cushions, baskets, poufs, fountains, sinks, mirrors and lighting.

Custom Tailored Projects

Sometimes, even a small change can make a huge difference to a troublesome area. This particular service, a Keshmara Designs specialty, offers the perfect way to bring out the best of any space without having to make any major alterations.

Up-Scale Projects

Every project has its own personality, and by working with Keshmara Designs who will connect you with the right selection of craftsmanship, you can really make it stand out. Our craftsmen are the best in the market and in the past have been involved in outstanding projects such as Royal Palaces, major Leading Hotels of the World such as La Mamounia in Marrakech and The Michlifen Hotel in Ifrane to name a few, and to the largest mosque in Africa, the Hassan II Mosque, and many other prestigious homes and projects all around the world.

Argan Oil Distribution

Wholesale Distribution of organic argan oil and argan oil base cosmetic products is also one of our specialties. This liquid gold is a rare hidden legendary beauty secret which comes with a wide range of benefits. It has a high content of anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, and Vitamin E.