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Award-Winning Interior Decorator

With a reputation for working with master artisans, Keshmara Designs has been an export business and a firm that connects the most innovative and skillful workshops across the nation. We are known for our experience and professionalism, with a broad range of services that make our projects succeed over the world.

We are a popular icon in the hospitality industry and a trusting wholesaler supplying major hotel chains, department stores, event planners, interior designers, agents, and all who wish to import Moroccan home decor and local organic delicacies and beauty products to their clients. Since 2011, we are the only company in Morocco that built and continues to build a diverse network of ateliers across Morocco assigned to create the finest interiors for palaces, hotels, restaurants and exclusive homes all around the world.

This is the history of how our company – Keshmara Designs – has brought together the finest master craftsmen in Morocco and have transported their art to numerous properties around the world such as the US, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, Hong Kong, South Africa, Brazil, and even Costa Rica to name a few.

Keshmara Designs is an inspiration from my family. It is an influence of my grandfather, Haj Bellamine, a master craftsman who began his passion and talent in the '50s and who has been the master and most skilled of all craftsmen in Morocco specialized in prestigious drop down ceilings. It is an inspiration of my father and his brothers who took over and expanded their father’s business in major prestigious projects and Royal Palaces over Morocco and who took their art to major cities over the world, from Paris, to DC, to London, to New York, to Orlando, to Rome, to Frankfurt, to Saudi Arabia and the Middle East and to many other destinations over the world. Is is finally an inspiration to his granddaughter, most passionate for her Moroccan heritage, who has become deeply connected to her carefully nurtured network of craftsmen and who now manages Keshmara Designs which connects master craftsmen over the nation including her father and other prestigious and skillful craftsmen in Morocco.

Keshmara Designs gathers hundreds of skillful artisans. We have a support team that focuses on sales and management, customer service, interior design, transportation & logistics, and quality control & compliance.

Our hand-crafted quality of our work and service along with our ability to design and deliver bespoke interiors for the high end residential and luxury sectors, attracts our clients, architects, and interior designers.

Keshmara Designs looks forward to creating inspiring, tailored and timeless interiors for you.

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